ISSF 2023-03: ISSF Workshop on Different Approaches to Limit the Number of FADs in the Oceans: San Diego, CA, USA, March 1-3, 2023

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At its October 2022 meeting, the ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee recommended that ISSF convene a workshop with a small group of experts to consider different principles of economic theory which could be used to make Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD) limits more effective.

The rationale for such a workshop was that the use of FADs, both drifting (dFAD) and anchored (aFAD), has a number of known impacts on target tuna stocks, non-target species and the broader ecosystem.

Limiting the number of FADs in each Ocean region, together with other measures such as biodegradable FADs, can be a tool to address several, if not most, of these impacts. Recommendations are given on actions that can be taken to incentivize fewer FAD deployments and higher rates of FAD recovery.