ISSF 2019-13: Towards Biodegradable FADs: Evaluating the Lifetime of Biodegradable Ropes in Controlled Conditions

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Tags: Biodegradable FADs, Ecosystem, FADs, Moreno, Purse Seine, Restrepo
Authors: Ahmed Ryiaz Jauharee, Dr. Gala Moreno, Dr. Victor Restrepo, M. Shiham Adam
Language: English
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Report Type: Technical Report


This report summarizes the results of a project in the Maldivian waters to test the lifetime and robustness of biodegradable ropes for use in Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs). Three types of biodegradable ropes were evaluated for robustness and other characteristics over one year at sea: (i) twisted 100 % cotton rope; (ii) twisted 50% cotton and 50% sisal rope; and (iii) cotton, sisal and linen rope with loops. The authors discuss those results as well as recommendations for the successful use of biodegradable materials in FADs.