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Participating Companies

We believe it’s important to work with all stakeholders — and tuna processors, traders, and/or marketers are integral to improving the sustainability of the world’s tuna resources.

Companies that participate in ISSF are members of the International Seafood Sustainability Association (ISSA). Membership in ISSA is voluntary and is contingent upon compliance with ISSF conservation measures and standards of practice. We publish audit reports for each participating company.

All companies work with the Foundation to advocate for improved fishery management, fund scientific advancements through research and expert analysis, and take direct action to encourage the adoption of responsible fishing practices – all while committing to a suite of conservation measures aimed at improving the long-term health of global tuna fisheries.


Bolton Food

Joined: 2009

Bumble Bee

Joined: 2009

Clover Leaf

Joined: 2013

Princes Group

Joined: 2009

Sea Value

Joined: 2009


Joined: 2009

Thai Union Europe

Joined: 2009

Thai Union/COSI

Joined: 2009

Tri Marine

Joined: 2009



Joined: 2010

Conservas Rianxeira, S.A.U.

Joined: 2010


Joined: 2010

General Tuna (Century Pacific)

Joined: 2014


Joined: 2010


Joined: 2010


Joined: 2011

PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia

Joined: 2016


Joined: 2011

South Seas

Joined: 2011

Thunnus Overseas

Joined: 2016



Joined: 2015


Joined: 2015

Lovering Foods

Joined: 2015


Joined: 2019

  • Bolton Food

  • Bumble Bee

  • Chotiwat

  • Clover Leaf

  • Conservas Rianxeira, S.A.U.

  • Everwin

  • Foodtech

  • Frinsa

  • General Tuna (Century Pacific)

  • Isabel

  • Lovering Foods

  • NIRSA S.A.

  • Pataya

  • Princes Group

  • PT Aneka Tuna Indonesia

  • RS Cannery

  • Salica


  • Sea Value

  • South Seas

  • StarKist

  • Thai Union Europe

  • Thai Union/COSI

  • Thunnus Overseas

  • Tri Marine

  • Tropical

Membership Application

Seafood companies worldwide — tuna processors, traders and marketers — are invited to participate in ISSF’s efforts to foster sustainable tuna fishing and sourcing practices.

The International Seafood Sustainability Association (ISSA) is a trade association whose members commit to conform to ISSF conservation measures. Learn more about ISSA member responsibilities and benefits, including the application process.

Compliance Report

The ISSF Annual Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report (PDF) examines how all ISSF participating companies performed in 2022 against ISSF conservation measures.