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Environmental Stakeholder Committee

Experts from notable conservation and scientific organizations serve on ISSF’s Environmental Stakeholder Committee.

On a volunteer basis, ESC members offer their professional expertise to review and analyze information for ISSF initiatives. Like the Scientific Advisory Committee, the ESC advises the ISSF Board of Directors on sustainability issues and efforts, including ISSF conservation measures. ESC member involvement does not imply an endorsement of ISSF policy decisions.

Seafood Supply Chain Transparency

Our 2021 Annual Report includes a feature by ESC member Dr. Tom Pickerell of the Global Tuna Alliance on efforts to verify transparency in the seafood supply chain.

Environmental Stakeholder Committee

Ben Gilmer

Chair, ISSF Environmental Stakeholder Committee & Associate Director of Corporate Engagement and Strategic Initiatives, The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Dr. Andre Boustany

Member, ISSF Environmental Stakeholder Committee & Principal Investigator of Global Ocean Conservation, Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sonja Fordham

Member, ISSF Environmental Stakeholder Committee & Founder, Shark Advocates International

Bill Holden

Senior Tuna Fisheries Outreach Manager, Marine Stewardship Council

Sara Lewis

Member, ISSF Environmental Stakeholder Committee & Traceability Division Director, FishWise

Dr. Vishwanie Maharaj

Member, ISSF Environmental Stakeholder Committee & Lead, Tunas and Other Multilateral Fisheries, World Wildlife Fund-Inc. (WWF-US)

Dr. Alexia Morgan

Member, ISSF Environmental Stakeholder Committee & Science Lead, Tuna and Large Pelagic Species, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP)

ESC Roles & Responsibilities

Learn about the Terms of Reference that apply to the members of our Environmental Stakeholder Committee.

Sustainable Fishing Guides

Visit the ISSF Guidebooks site for online and downloadable guides for tuna skippers and observers in purse-seine, pole-and-line, and longline fisheries who want to fish more sustainably.