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ISSF is unique in developing — and evolving — science-based conservation measures to help seafood companies make sustainability a central part of how they do business.

Our measures reflect conservation needs in tuna fisheries worldwide that ISSF has identified together with our Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Committee, Environmental Stakeholder Committee, and ISSF participating companies.

We partner with third-party auditor MRAG Americas to develop audit protocols for each measure and then track compliance and results for participating companies and ProActive Vessel Register (PVR)-listed vessels in an annual compliance report.


Featured Conservation Measure

ISSF’s conservation measure 9.1 requires each ISSF participating company to develop and publish a public social and labor standards and/or sourcing policy that applies to the company and its entire supply chain.


Audit Process

We engage an independent, third-party auditor to audit — and publicly report on — each participating seafood company’s compliance with our conservation measures. Company conformance is tracked individually and in aggregate on a yearly basis.

Conservation Measures

Each ISSF participating company commits to comply with all applicable ISSF conservation measures, which address a range of policy, purchasing, and operational issues — from vessel transactions to product labeling.

Data Check Companies

The ISSF Data Check Company designation has more limited financial and auditing requirements than ISSF Participating Company membership.


Priority Issues

ISSF’s 30+ conservation measures align with our priority areas for advancing sustainable fishing: tuna conservation, FAD management, marine ecosystem healthbycatch reductioncapacity management, and illegal fishing prevention.

Sustainability Guidelines

For seafood companies and vessels that want to do their part to conserve tuna stocks, reduce bycatch, and protect marine environments, ISSF conservation measures provide a framework for responsible fishing policies and practices.

Industry Transparency

Through a rigorous compliance and audit process led by MRAG Americas, an independent auditing firm with fisheries expertise, ISSF holds tuna and other seafood companies to high standards for transparency and accountability.

We publish an annual compliance report covering all participating companies and ProActive Vessel Register vessels. We also offer individual participating company audit reports and Data Check company audit reports on this site.

Continuous Improvement

We regularly review and update our conservation measures — or establish additional measures  — based on the latest fisheries research, technology resources, and emerging or urgent conservation and/or management needs.

Compliance Report

The ISSF Annual Conservation Measures & ProActive Vessel Register Compliance Report (June 2024) (PDF) examines how all ISSF participating companies and PVR vessels performed in 2023 against relevant ISSF conservation measures.

ISSF 2023 Annual Report

Navigating Toward Sustainable Tuna Fisheries explores ISSF’s challenges, milestones, and achievement in 2023.