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Public Vessel List Overview

In addition to the ProActive Vessel Register (PVR), we offer three other public, global, and searchable vessel lists.

Vessel Data & Best Practices

To promote transparency in fishing, ISSF works with regional organizations and data sources to provide information about vessels and their practices.

We also publish reports and snapshots covering best practices in authorized vessel lists, illegal-fishing (IUU) vessel lists, and related topics.

Vessels in Other Sustainability Initiatives (VOSI)

The VOSI lists tuna fishing vessels that have made certain sustainability commitments.

VOS is a tuna-sourcing tool for seafood companies.

Record of Large-Scale Purse Seine Vessels (LSPSR)

The LSPSR lists all large-scale purse-seine vessels fishing for tuna.

This consolidated global view of the large-scale purse-seine fleet supports both ISSF and RFMO efforts to prevent overfishing.

Tuna Vessel IMOs and Other UVI Numbers (IMO/UVI)

This comprehensive list shows tuna vessels with either International Maritime Organization (IMO) or other Unique Vessel Identifier (UVI) numbers.

IMO and UVI numbers help to reduce illegal fishing activities.


A verified resource for sustainable-fishing stakeholders.


A verified resource for sustainable-fishing stakeholders.

The IMO/UVI Vessel List

A verified resource for sustainable-fishing stakeholders.