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ISSF Welcomes SAPMER as New Participating Company

Washington, D.C.

SAPMER Joins World’s Leading Seafood Companies Working to Make Tuna Fisheries More Sustainable

SAPMER is the latest seafood company to join in the conservation efforts of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF). ISSF participating companies work with the Foundation to advocate for sustainable tuna fishery management and encourage the adoption of responsible fishing practices.​

SAPMER, a #fishing operator in the French Southern and Antarctic seas, joins ISSF as a participating #seafood company. Click To Tweet

“SAPMER‘s decision to become an ISSF participating company is an important commitment to science-based fishery stewardship,” said ISSF President Susan Jackson. “We welcome SAPMER’s engagement with our conservation measures to make progress on sustainable tuna fishing practices.” 

All ISSF participating companies are independently audited annually to assess their compliance with ISSF’s conservation measures, the results of which are published in the ISSF compliance report and the ISSF annual report. ISSF also publishes individual compliance reports for each ISSF participating company. View Sapmer’s compliance report here

ISSF launched in 2009 with eight participating companies and today has 26 industry partners, including well-known brands produced and sold in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Pacific Islands and Asia.

PT Avila Prima, formerly an associate ISSF participating company, was recently terminated by the Foundation. 


Founded in 1947 in Reunion Island, SAPMER is a pioneering fishing operator in the French Southern and Antarctic seas (TAAF). SAPMER operates a fleet of four longliners fishing for Patagonian toothfish, a pot vessel for rock lobster, and nine purse seiners for tropical tunas. Both the toothfish and rock lobster fisheries are Marine Stewardship Council certified.

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