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Update from the Field: Fishing for Answers for Endangered Mobulid Rays


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Testing conservation solutions can sometimes require setting sail on the high seas

Field expeditions on board tuna purse seine vessels, in collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), AZTI, University of California, Santa Cruz, and the American Tunaboat Association began in In December 2022.

“We’re searching for Mobulids — otherwise known as manta and devil rays — which are sometimes captured accidentally by fishing boats,” writes scientist Melissa Cronin, Ph.D. “Though these encounters are rare and occur primarily in free swimming school sets, it’s important that scientists and fishers work together to avoid these interactions because Mobulids are experiencing population declines globally.”

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Advances in Fisheries Management Helped Redeem 2022 from its State of “Permacrisis”

Seen Against a Backdrop of Instability, Upheaval and Insecurity, Science-Based Fisheries Management Had a Pretty Good Year

Thanks to hard work and collaboration among NGOs, fishery managers, scientists, members of the fishing and seafood industries and many other stakeholders, the signs of positive, long-term change were unmistakable.

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Peer-Reviewed Article

Correction of beam overlap-induced athwart distortion in multibeam sonars

ICES Journal of Marine Science


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Transparency Tool

Like the ProActive Vessel Register (PVR), ISSF’s Vessels in Other Sustainability Initiatives (VOSI) list is a transparency tool for the public, including seafood companies that want to understand which tuna vessels have made public commitments to more sustainable fishing beyond the commitments reflected on the PVR.

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