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Document: ISSF 2020-01: ISSF Skippers Workshops Round 9*

Round 9 of the ISSF Skippers Workshops in 2019 maintained the collaboration links between tuna purse-seine fishers and scientists through a series of 12 participatory bycatch-reduction meetings in 9 countries.

Key fleets in the Indian and Atlantic Oceans (e.g., Spanish, French, Ghanaian), Eastern Pacific Ocean (e.g., Ecuadorian, Mexican), and Western Pacific Ocean (e.g., Filipino, Marshallese, Indonesian) were covered. Zadar, a hometown to Croatian skippers operating in the Pacific Ocean, was also added to the extensive list of locations covered by the workshops. A new attendance record was reached in Manta (Ecuador) with 173 participants in a single workshop.

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Suggested Citation:

J. Murua, G. Moreno, D. Itano, M. Hall, L. Dagorn and V. Restrepo. 2020. ISSF Skippers Workshops Round 9. ISSF Technical Report 2020-01. International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, Washington, D.C., USA