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Document: ISSF 2024-03: Tuna Fisheries’ Impacts on Non-Tuna Species and Other Environmental Aspects: 2024 Summary

This report reviews some of the main impacts caused by different types of tuna fishing methods, particularly on non-tuna species and various other environmental aspects like habitats.

It also analyzes the environmental scores obtained by different tuna fishery types certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, showing that most of the main fishing methods have some type of impacts on non-tunas, habitats, and ecosystems.

The report then reviews the management measures adopted by RFMOs to mitigate these impacts, and this information is complemented with a description of other conservation measures adopted by ISSF that enable seafood companies and vessels to improve the sustainability of tuna fisheries.

See our related report, “ISSF 2024-02: Status of the World Fisheries for Tuna. March 2024.”

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