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Tooltip Tags: Harvest Control Rules

Management procedure [MPs]

Management procedure

A pre-agreed framework for recommending or making fisheries management decisions, such as setting catch limits, that is designed to achieve specific management objectives. A fully developed MP specifies which monitoring data will be collected, how the data will be analyzed and what harvest control rule(s) will be applied, and has been simulation tested to determine likely performance across a range of uncertainties (e.g., via MSE).

Harvest strategy

Harvest strategy

A combination of monitoring, assessment, harvest control rules, and management actions designed to meet the stated objectives of a fishery.

See also MCS and Management plan.

Harvest control rules [HCR]

Harvest control rules

Set of well-defined, pre-agreed management actions that describe how the harvest is to be managed (e.g., catch or effort-related limits) based on the state of a specified indicator(s) of stock status. Changes in stock status indicators must be measured against appropriate biological reference points inferred from monitoring data or models. For example, a harvest control rule can describe the various values of fishing mortality that will be aimed for at different levels of stock abundance.

Harvest policy

Harvest policy

General guidelines specifying how harvest levels should be set or how much fishing should be allowed.