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From Global Tuna Stock Data to Fisheries Improvement and Best Practices, Refreshed ISSF Website Offers Data-Rich Resources for Every Tuna Sustainability Stakeholder

Washington, D.C.

Tuna Conservation Group Launches Revamped Site as One-Stop, Virtual Destination for All Things Sustainable Tuna

The International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) — a global coalition of seafood companies, fisheries experts, scientific and environmental organizations, and the vessel community — today unveiled a refreshed website, designed to meet the diverse needs of the full spectrum of tuna sustainability stakeholders in a more accessible, user-friendly format. The refreshed site ( aims to elevate ISSF’s data-rich resources and tools for specialist and non-specialist users alike.

“As a knowledge-based influencer organization, ISSF offers a depth and breadth of expert content, which is one of our greatest assets. Our new website puts that content at users’ fingertips,” said Mary Sestric, Vice President, Communications, ISSF. “We continue to evolve our content online to better serve stakeholders in our space — from seafood buyers and fisheries managers to marine scientists and tuna processors.​ We are now better positioned to provide our growing stakeholder community with the on-demand data and information required to make progress toward a more sustainable future.”

Attracting 50,000+ visitors annually, ISSF's site offers information on industry efforts, fisheries research, and fishing policy to advance sustainable #tuna #fisheries and protect marine #ecosystems. Click To Tweet

ISSF has produced a short video highlighting the refreshed site’s content and design, which includes “Related News” and “Related Resources” sections on pages for easier discovery of relevant information and publications.

In addition to “Our Story” and “Our Priorities” content, the ISSF site features 100+ pages covering:

Up-to-date info and data on global tuna stock status and management, including user-friendly, interactive tools  

Verified reporting on sustainability commitments made across the global tuna supply chain 

Fact-based content authored by tuna science and policy experts and presented in downloadable formats

  • Scientific reports & best practices reports and snapshots
  • Infographics
  • FIP Resources Finder

Informed perspectives on breaking news and developments in cross-sector work toward sustainable tuna fisheries

  • ISSF blog
  • Press releases
  • RFMO position statements

Profiles of the dedicated people behind ISSF, from the staff and Board of Directors to advisory committees in science and policy

With more than 50,000 visitors annually, the ISSF site is a go-to destination for users interested in industry efforts, fisheries research, and fishing policy to advance sustainable tuna fisheries and protect marine ecosystems. The revised ISSF website — illustrated with exclusive ISSF photography, including from international research expeditions — was designed in collaboration with ISSF’s IT partner OpenArc, with additional project assistance provided by infodesign consultancy Background Stories. 

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