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FAD Management for Indian Ocean Tuna Fisheries; ISSF Response to IOTC Session


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ISSF Disappointed by Lack of Agreement on FAD Management at Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

“We are disappointed that IOTC could not agree on revisions to improve its FAD management resolution this year, delaying progress on this critical issue until the 2022 Commission meeting,” said ISSF President Susan Jackson. “ISSF recognizes the importance of voting procedures as a tool for the RFMO decision-making process. Still, we strongly encourage all IOTC members to engage in collaborative discussions in the lead up to the 2022 annual meeting.

“Only through such ongoing communication can IOTC reach an agreement to strengthen FAD management that will be supported and effectively implemented by all parties.”

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ICYMI: 87.7% of Global Tuna Catch Comes from Stocks at Healthy Levels

Of the total commercial tuna catch worldwide, 87.7% of the global catch comes from stocks at “healthy” levels of abundance, according to the latest International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) Status of the Stocks report. In addition, 9.6% of the total tuna catch came from overfished stocks, and 2.7% came from stocks at an intermediate level of abundance.

ISSF publishes its signature Status of the Stocks report twice each year using the most current scientific data on 23 major commercial tuna stocks. 

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