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99.6% Seafood Company Conformance Rate with Science-Based Conservation Measures | ICYMI: ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report


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Transparent Accountability: ISSF Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report

Results of the ISSF Annual Conservation Measures & Commitments Compliance Report are included in ISSF’s Annual Report, Transparent Accountability Across Tuna Fisheries.

The report shows a conformance rate of 99.6 percent by ISSF participating companies as of March 2022. It tracks companies’ progress in conforming with thirty-two ISSF conservation measures (CM), such as:

  • Demonstrating the ability to trace products from can code or sales invoice to vessel and trip
  • Submitting quarterly purchase data by vessel, trip dates, species, size, and other data to RFMO scientific bodies
  • Transactions only with those longline vessels whose owners have a policy requiring the implementation of best practices for sharks, sea turtles, and sea birds
  • Establishing and publishing policies to prohibit shark finning and avoiding transactions with vessels that carry out shark finning
  • Conducting transactions only with purse seine vessels whose skippers have received science-based information from ISSF on best practices such as reducing bycatch
  • Avoiding transactions with vessels that are on an RFMO Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Fishing list

As part of its commitment to transparency and accountability, ISSF engages third-party auditor MRAG Americas to audit participating companies to assess their compliance with ISSF conservation measures. MRAG Americas conducts independent auditing based on a rigorous audit protocol.

In addition to a summary report, MRAG Americas issues individual company reports that detail each organization’s compliance with ISSF conservation measures, and ISSF publishes these individual reports on its website.

Download the complete report

View individual company reports

Transparent Accountability Across Tuna Fisheries
also features expert-authored articles on pressing topics related to more sustainable tuna fisheries. Dr. Tom Pickerell, Executive Director of the Global Tuna Alliance and Member of the ISSF Environmental Stakeholder Committee, contributed “Commitments and Credibility in the Tuna Supply Chain.”

Read the article in the Annual Report


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ISSF Conservation Measures

This infographic shows each ISSF conservation measure in each category — amended as well as new measures — as of June 2022.

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