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2022 ICCAT Position Statement | “Grey Matter” Podcast with ISSF President Susan Jackson


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ISSF has issued its position statement to inform discussion and decision-making at the 23rd annual meeting of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT), which will be held Nov. 14-21.

ISSF’s statement compiles our sustainable-fishing asks for ICCAT. It includes detailed recommendations for policy and management changes in tuna conservation, fish aggregating devices (FADs); harvest strategiesbycatch and sharks; monitoring, control, and surveillance; compliance; and capacity management.

One of four tropical-tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMO), ICCAT is an inter-governmental fishery organization responsible for the conservation of tunas and tuna-like species in the Atlantic Ocean and its adjacent seas.

Download the ICCAT position statement in English, French, and Spanish.

Read the position statement


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On a new episode of “Grey Matter with Michael Krasny,” ISSF President Susan Jackson reflects on unique and urgent issues in managing tuna fisheries worldwide — from flag-state oversight and vessel reporting to bycatch mitigation — and shares how ISSF works to ensure greater sustainability.

The “Grey Matter” podcast series, which launched earlier this year, features “in-depth interviews with leading newsmakers, scholars, authors and intellectuals in conversation.”

Listen to the podcast


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See how ICCAT and other tuna Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) are performing against documented best practices in tuna fishery management.

Through our RFMO Best Practices Snapshot series — covering Transshipment, FAD Management, and other topics — we identify best practices that RFMOs should follow to manage tuna fisheries sustainably. In detailed tables, the snapshots compare tuna RFMOs’ progress in implementing the practices.

Read the snapshots



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