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Ana Justel-Rubio

Ana Justel-Rubio

Research and Compliance Assistant


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Ana Justel-Rubio’s duties cover several areas, from updating some of ISSF’s signature technical reports to ensuring the proper functioning of ISSF’s public vessel lists. Other roles include acting as a liaison between ISSF and other parties, like the ProActive Vessel Register (PVR) Administrator.

Prior to ISSF, she worked for more than two years at ICCAT’s Secretariat, where she was employed as a technical research assistant under the Atlantic-wide research program for bluefin tuna (Grande Bluefin Tuna Year Programme, or GBYP). Previously, Justel-Rubio worked in WildCRU (Oxford University zoology department, UK), where she collaborated as a research assistant in two endangered species conservation programs.

Justel-Rubio holds a B.Sc. in environmental science (Universidad Autónoma Madrid, Spain), an M.Sc. in quality and environment management (Servicios Normativos, Spain) and an MSc in ArcGIS Geographic Information Systems (ESRI).

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