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Dr. Laurent Dagorn

Member, ISSF Scientific Advisory Committee & Senior Scientist, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement

A French senior scientist working for the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (France), Dr. Laurent Dagorn has published more than 70 scientific papers, of which more than half were in peer-reviewed international journals. He has been working on fish aggregating devices (FADs), with a special emphasis on the behavior of fish at these FADs, for about 20 years. He has spent about 12 years in the Pacific (French Polynesia, Hawaii, California) and Indian (Seychelles, La Réunion) oceans, collaborating with various scientific organizations and is based in France.

Since completing the coordination of a European Union project (FADIO) on the behavior of fish at drifting FADs in 2006, Dr. Dagorn has been the coordinator of a major EU funded project (MADE) dealing with the mitigation of adverse ecological impacts of open ocean fisheries (tuna purse seiners and longliners) in the Indian ocean, Atlantic ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea.