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Resources for Electronic Monitoring and Reporting & Observer Coverage

Electronic monitoring (EM), electronic reporting (ER), and observer coverage are critical tools for the Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) of vessel activities in tuna fisheries.

To assist Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) in developing management measures to improve tuna fishery sustainability, we have compiled a list of related downloadable ISSF resources.


ISSF 2022-09: Minimum Standards for Electronic Monitoring Systems in Tropical Tuna Purse Seine and Longline Fisheries

This document aims to help advance the development of such minimum standards, including specifications and procedures, for the implementation of EM systems in tropical tuna purse-seine and drifting pelagic longline fisheries.

ISSF 2018-04: Minimum Standards for Electronic Monitoring in Tropical Tuna Purse Seine Fisheries

This report presents minimum standards for electronic monitoring systems on tropical tuna purse seine vessels. These standards are meant to be auditable for the purpose of demonstrating best practice.