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Non-Entangling Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs)

Fish aggregating devices (FADs) made with netting can entangle sharks, turtles, and other vulnerable marine species. ISSF is committed to supporting tuna fishers’ transition to non-entangling FAD (NEFAD) designs — preferably made with biodegradable materials [LINK to bioFAD page?].

Four tuna RFMOs require fleets that fish with FADs to use only non-entangling designs. Some RFMOs also encourage fleets to use biodegradable materials in them

See how well the RFMO are implementing other best practices in FAD management.

ISSF Contributions

Conservation Measure

Adopted in 2016, our Conservation Measure 3.5 asks ISSF participating seafood companies to conduct transactions only with those purse seine vessels whose owners have a public policy regarding the use of only non-entangling FADs.

Guide for Fishers

Our Non-Entangling & Biodegradable FADs Guide — available in several languages — illustrates how to design and construct FADs that avoid netting and use biodegradable materials to help reduce marine pollution.



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